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Ilse Aigner

Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology and Deputy Prime Minister

For the 19th time, the Landshut Short Film Festival opens its doors. I cordially invite all film lovers and cinema enthusiasts to visit this unique event.


For me, as the Bavarian State Minister of Economic Affairs and Media, both the film industry and Bavaria as a location for movie production are of central importance. I am therefore very pleased that the festival is striking innovative paths again this year and has launched a competition for virtual reality short films. There certainly are a lot of new, extraordinary and fantastic worlds to discover.


With more than 260 short films from 33 countries, the festival presents more movies and events than ever before. Landshut, Lower Bavarian’s capital, can be proud of its international Short Film Festival!


I would like to thank the non-profit association Dynamo Kurzfilm e.V. and all its supporters for making this great festival possible. To acknowledge their professional and committed work the Bavarian State Government has increased the festival’s financial support.


I wish the organizers a successful event in 2018 and all visitors exciting and entertaining short film experiences.

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Alexander Putz

Lord Mayor of Landshut

Dear friends of short films,

Welcome to the 19. Short Film Festival. A special welcome I send to the jury and the film-makers, of whom an increasing number find their way to Landshut for introducing their films face-to-face. Productions from different categories and in high quality are to be expected, setting a new record: The organiser Michael Orth, Birgit Horn and their team present 260 films from 33 countries. Besides the popular categories „Shock Block”, “Cartoon Movie” or “Shorts for Kids”, the documentary block has been enlarged. In cooperation with the District of Lower Bavaria they have launched a new category called „Heimat“.

The organisers also set up a cooperation with the Film Festival Bolzano, with a new line, which will be shown in Landshut and in Bolzano in April. This cooperation shows that the Landshut Short Film Festival looks beyond its own nose: That bears fruits because the festival long ago exceeded the regional borders. Michael Orth, Birgit Horn and their team have gained an extraordinary reputation with quality awareness and professionalism, which is well known among film-makers.

I am looking forward to welcome all of you in our city and I wish great success in the competitions. A warm thank you to the jury who places expertise and time at the festivals disposal. Sincere thanks are given to the sponsors and the close cooperation with the cinema operators.

Have a good time and enjoy the films


Alexander Putz


Unterschrift Putz

Michael Orth

Artistic Director

I am looking forward to welcoming you to the 19 th Landshut Short Film Festival, my dear visitors, for about 3,500 minutes of concentrated short film power. Of course, we have once again spotted a multiple of the programmed films, so we are able to present to you the most extraordinary, exciting and entertaining short films from all over the world in the Lower Bavarian capital.

On six exciting festival days, in 70 events, there is much to discover, including 63 German premieres, 10 European premieres and 18 World premieres. I am very excited about how our experiment with virtual reality films develops; here we enter new technical territory, which is not used so often in the festival area. Supposedly, you should also be able to smell one of the films in the program and I hope it is playing on a beautiful flower meadow.

I am particularly looking forward to the numerous international filmmakers, who have already announced their intention to celebrate the short film with us and all guests.

Many thanks to all sponsors, supporters and our wonderful venues, who have supported us faithfully for many years and make this beautiful festival possible again and again. To the press and media for the great coverage and my special thanks to the fantastic festival team. Last but not least a heartfelt thank you to our great audience, you are great!

Let´s go for exciting and very entertaining festival days.

Birgit Horn

Managing Director

Dear visitors

Welcome to the 19th Landshut Short Film Festival.
When we made the first plans for the festival, the idea was: this year, there are no innovations - we'll keep this up, for the 20th festival.
However, we hadn´t reckoned with our team, our contacts and our long-time sponsors. Even our friendly festivals have surprised us during the year with plans that have thwarted ours.
Today we are here and have got three new highlights in the program. Expect with us the visit of the colleagues from Bolzano who organize a renowned long-film festival there. For this we were now able to curate the short film block. Stop by when Bolzano picks up the films in Landshut.
The topic of homeland also occupies a central place for us; we talk to the audience, the district home keepers and our jury about the question: what is home?
Then there is VR (Virtual Reality).
Our wonderful team has energetically supported us in the preliminary planning and will now accompany you over the festival time. Without the "WE" we could not implement all these innovations. For this my huge thanks.
Have fun, enjoy the time and let yourself be carried away into all new worlds.