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Judith Gerlach

Bavarian Minister of Digital Affairs

Dear short film fans,

LA – Landshut or Los Angeles? At the 20th anniversary of the Landshut Short Film Festival, these two cities are coming together, but the international short film world does not meet in Hollywood, but in Landshut: During six days, you can watch more than 250 short films from more than 40 countries in the capital of Lower Bavaria and enjoy interactive and virtual experiences. At its 20th anniversary, the Landshut Short Film Festival will become even more international: The competition, which has so far been aligned with Europe, will be expanded to an international competition. This means that the festival will welcome even more guests from all over the world. Welcome to Bavaria!


A superbly curated short film programme that guarantees a mix of culture and entertainment and ensures that visitors leave the cinema in a good mood: This is to the credit of Michael Orth and Birgit Horn, as well as their team of the non-profit organisation Dynamo Short Film and many other helpers. I would like to thank you all for your tireless engagement: You make this great festival possible. The financial support from the Bavarian State Government is also an appreciation for this professional and dedicated work.

The decisions who will take home the numerous awards are also eagerly awaited: From the DACH Competition for films from Germany, Austria, Switzerland to competitions for documentary, animation & children's films to the Deadline _ Award for international genre short films, the largest competition of its kind in Germany.


At the Landshut Short Film Festival, many short film enthusiasts will once again find their way into festival cinemas. I wish all guests an enriching festival!


Alexander Putz

Lord Mayor of Landshut

Dear friends of the short film,

I would like to welcome you to the anniversary edition of the Landshut Short Film Festival. For the 20th time in a row, our city can enjoy extraordinary, humorous and thoughtful films - and since the "shock blocks" came, there has also been a lot of horror.

The short film festival has grown steadily and has established itself as a figurehead of our city. This success was by no means a matter of course but is due to the excellent work that the organizers Michael Orth and Birgit Horn are doing together with their team. Because even this event started small: In the first edition in the year 2000 just 22 films were shown during two days. In 2019, 250 strips will be presented in six days. And while initially only German-language films were available to choose from, the festival has long been internationally oriented two decades later. We are already looking forward to the contributions from all over the world, from Canada to the Philippines.

Despite its rapid development, the short film festival in Landshut was firmly rooted and thus remained "grounded". Since its founding, the organizers have cooperated with several local institutions. Films were screened in the "kleine theater", in the Alte Kaserne and in the Kinoptikum as well as in the Kinopolis and for some years also in the Salzstadel. A special feature of "our" festival is that many filmmakers arrive and present their works personally. As mayor, it is an honor and a pleasure for me to be able to welcome numerous artists to Landshut again this year.

The special atmosphere and the fact that the Short Film Festival has changed from a "weekend organized by friends" to an internationally acclaimed and prestigious cultural event is very much driven by the enthusiasm of the public. To all spectators, who are loyal to the festival since the first edition, my heartfelt thanks are due. Equally high is the commitment of all sponsors: without them, the organizers could not put the short film festival on their feet, because without the "Awards" the event would be missing a thrill.

Now I wish all filmmakers good luck in the competition, the organizers Michael Orth and Birgit Horn a successful course and us viewers have fun at the 20th Landshut Short Film Festival!


Unterschrift Putz

Michael Orth

Artistic Director

22 films, an aged 16mm film projector, a squeaky S-VHS recorder, a team of seven, lots of enthusiasm, an audience of 200 ... These were the ingredients for the 1st Landshut Short Film Days, as they were called, in March 2000, in the Poschinger Villa and who would have thought how these two movie evenings should develop.

Over the past 20 years, we have shown more than 3,000 short films to around 50,000 guests, feature state-of-the-art technology, take us to virtual worlds and attract every year a large number of filmmakers from all over the world to visit the capital of Lower Bavaria.

You can be proud of that.

My heartfelt thanks go to all those who have accompanied the Landshut Short Film Festival on its journey, all the sponsors and supporters, our fantastic venues, the press, the media, the best team in the world, and our great audience.

You have made out of 22 films and 200 visitors one of the biggest short film festivals in southern Germany. You can be proud of yourself.

I wish you all six exciting, entertaining and, above all, beautiful festival days.


Birgit Horn

Managing Director

Dear guests,

Here we go again.

For a year we were pondering and planning, we were happy and also had our fights. Now the time has come: the 20th Landshut Short Film Festival is running! In preparation, we have noticed how long we have been together with many team members. Especially in today´s fast-paced time, this constancy is always touching for us. The loyalty that our technicians keep us year after year, despite full appointment books, is simply overwhelming. Our tireless ladies from the cash register and the entrance, who – when we ask - always answer "oh, is the year over again", put a smile on our faces. The team grows annually and stays with all the growth always familiar.
A few years ago, our poster motif was a fox, which has accompanied us ever since. In fables the fox is assigned to be "smart" and we find it fitting. After all, 20 years ago, it was a smart decision to establish a short film festival in the wonderful Landshut. It is very smart to always be a little ahead of time and have already set the new VR division last year. It is also smart that we hold on to the tried and tested and give new space for development.
Above all, you are smart that you have chosen the festival today. Let yourself be surprised and impressed by our program.
So, enjoy the time, pay attention to our team foxes during the festival, as they will answer any questions.