Alle Informationen finden Sie hier ab Februar 2019.
All information can be found here from February 2019.

Judith Gerlach

Bavarian Minister of Digital Affairs

Dear short film fans,

if the last year was a movie, it would definitely be a rotten horror shocker. And in contrast to short films, not in a nutshell, but with excruciating lengths and sequels no one wants. The Landshut Short Film Festival won't let that get it down. The team around the artistic director Mr. Michael Orth and the organizational director Ms. Birgit Horn have pulled out all the stops to give us inspiring and beautiful moments again with the short film festival - this year brand new at home. I am therefore convinced that the eagerly awaited 21st edition will not only appeal to the regular audience but will also reach completely new target groups.

Film festivals should also be able to make their important contribution to cultural life in cities and across the country in the future. As in previous years, we are therefore helping the Landshut Short Film Festival with financial support. Every euro is well invested. This is also recognition of the professional and dedicated work of the whole team. There is a lot of passion, innovation and creativity in it.

I wish all visitors and guests at home a good time.

Judith Gerlach, Member of the State Parliament
Bavarian State Minister for Digital


Alexander Putz

Lord Mayor of Landshut

Dear friends of short film,

I warmly welcome you to the Short Film Festival 2021. I would have gladly welcomed you live in the cinema together with the organizers Michael Orth and Birgit Horn. As with many events, this is currently not possible. But the short film days, and that's the good news, will take place - this year as an online event. Because Michael Orth and Birgit Horn are among those who do not let themselves get down. They stubbornly stick to the idea of supplying the Landshut short film fans with new films. To achieve this, they spared no effort and, with their team, set up a plan B - the sofa version. 230 of the 250 planned films can be shown. I would like to thank everyone, organizers and filmmakers as well as the jury, for their flexibility and the will to carry out the festival despite the adverse circumstances. The positive thing about the new format is that short film fans all over the world can now also enjoy the films. With this in mind, I wish the festival much encouragement and I am happy that it will soon be time to say:
It´s Showtime!

Alexander Putz


© Simone Kaschner Freyung

Dr. Olaf Heinrich

Distric President of Lower Bavaria

Dear friends of the short film,

one of the things that makes a good film is its surprising twists and turns. The Corona pandemic has enough surprises in store for all of us, yet for months we have been feeling "like in a bad movie" - the changes in our everyday lives seem almost surreal. In addition to countless events throughout Lower Bavaria, the 21st Landshut Short Film Festival had to be completely cancelled in 2020. I am all the more pleased that it can take place this year - eventhough in a different form than usual.
Surprises may be good stuff for filmmakers, but they are hard stuff for organizers. The non-profit organization Dynamo Kurzfilm e.V. has nevertheless managed to put together this festival with around 230 films! I would like to congratulate them in the name of the district of Lower Bavaria. The Landshut Short Film Festival can look back on an amazing success story: Over the years, a "weekend organized by friends" became a cultural highlight of the Lower Bavarian capital, which is now known far beyond the borders of Bavaria.
At the same time, the festival has always retained the charm of personal closeness. Numerous filmmakers come to Landshut and the loyal audience takes the opportunity to talk informally with directors, actors and co. This year, things will be different. We will miss the personal closeness and the encounters. All the more I wish all viewers carefree hours, good entertainment and lots of inspiration at the 21st Landshut Short Film Festival and the filmmakers every success in the competitions.
We all look forward to many continuations of this event, which is so enriching for Lower Bavaria. Then hopefully again in the usual ambience in our beautiful Landshut, with many encounters and personal exchange.

With kind regards

Dr. Olaf Heinrich
District President of Lower Bavaria


Dorothee Erpenstein

Managing director of FFF Bayern

Dear short film friends,

The 21st Landshut Short Film Festival is back with an exciting and varied program and is taking place - as an online version at home throughout Germany.
The next few days invite you to watch around 230 films online, to be amazed, to laugh or to be scared. Because every short film fan gets his money's worth in the various program series: whether with acclaimed films of world cinema, with shocking shorts for all genre fans or with extraordinary films about Heimat and great documentaries.
I'm particularly looking forward to the FFF-funded films in the program: the award-winning relationship tragedy Girl meets Boy by Ferdinand Arthuber, the mystery drama Der Andere by Lukas Baier and the psychological thriller Naiwan by Andreas Irnstorfer. In addition, the new LAKFF Classics program with the three sponsored films Schnee in Rio, Familie – Die Quittung kommt zum Schluss und Krampus highlights from recent years.
I would like to thank Michael Orth and Birgit Horn for their courage, their commitment and their perseverance and wish the entire team a successful festival, many viewers and unforgettable film moments.

Dorothee Erpenstein
Managing Director FFF Bayern


Michael Orth

Artistic Director

Dear friends of the Short Film,


The ecological footprint will play an important role in the organization and implementation of film festivals now and in the future. Those responsible have to ask themselves where resources can be saved and how sustainable planning can be done.

We also put our Landshut short film festival to the test and considered what we can do to protect the environment. Of course, the majority of our guests come from the region, do not need to travel far by plane and we do not print tons of information every day, as it is customary at the very large Film Festivals. But "a little something is always possible", as it is said in Bavaria.

We have therefore decided to slim down our festival catalog, make it more compact and reduce the number of copies. We have completely stopped the festival newspaper.

We are happy if you like the new format and hope you enjoy browsing and planning the program.

Many of our competitive films deal with controversial political issues of our time. They deal with hidden and open racism or exclusion. They stand for an open, free and tolerant society, as we do. Look forward to 250 films from 50 countries, let yourself be enchanted and stimulate to wonder, think and discuss.

I wish all of us six exciting, entertaining and colorful festival days.

Birgit Horn

Managing Director

Dear friends of the Landshut Short Film Festival,


after the extremely successful and exciting 2019, the 21st Festival is coming. (Although opinions are still divided here, whether it's not the 20th.) In any case, we always have reason to celebrate.

I hope that last summer many of you accepted our offer and celebrated the big birthday open-air-cinema party with us. I'm still totally flashed today and have had a very special relationship with the song "The rooster is dead" since then ... Who would have thought that a film would make us all sing? So, what do the films in our program do to you? Will I sing, laugh, cry, ponder, frighten, surprise ... see and hear you again? Enjoy every minute of the short films with all your senses.

If you still need space for the many senses, have a look at the info counter. We offer bags made from our last year’s banners. Take a piece of the festival home with you and carry it not only in your heart, but also over your shoulder because:

I stick to it: Landshut is Short Film!