G-A-S Competition / BMW Grand Prix

Jury Preis 5.000 Euro

Sponsored by:
BMW Group Werk Landshut

In the category Short Film Competition the BMW Grand Prix for the best live action short film will be awarded. It is a jury award. Approved for the category are productions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the competition for the best short fiction are 57 short films.



Alles Easy von Luisa Ricar, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Jury statement:

Luisa Ricar tells about a young woman, who is at home in the club scene in Zurich, celebrating and maintaining an open relationship ("all easy") with great orchestration. But her own urge for freedom and sexual freedom in a seemingly enlightened and emancipated environment reaches its limits in an after-hour. The me-too debate has clearly revealed that our oh so liberal society has lost something crucial. We have forgotten how to empathize with others, to respect one's own and the limits of our counterpart and have fallen for a black-and-white mind that knows no nuances. ALL EASY is an impressive plea for more empathy and deserving winner of the BMW Grand Prix.

Alexander Krötsch

After high school he studied media and communication science in Augsburg since 2003 and worked in several film production companies in Munich. 2006 he switched to producing and media economics at the University of Television and Film Munich, where he produced a number of short movies, that run on festivals and won awards.

After his studies he produced the first feature THREE HOURS that was distributed theatrically in Germany and founded the film production company “brave new films” in 2013. With his company he realized several documentaries and a documentary series as well as the Grimme-Award nominated feature fiction movie THE PROCEDURE. His company focusses on the development of author driven arthouse, genre movies and documentaries for German and international distribution. He participated in various international co-production programs. He was nominated for his work for the Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis und the First Steps Award and his films received several awards on festivals.

Isabelle Bertolone

Born in Siegen in 1990. From 2011 to 2017 she studied production and media economics at University of Television and Film Munich. Work as a producer: Her documentary "Nadeshda " was awarded for the German Human Rights Film Award in 2014, and "An ideal place" won the prize for Best Film in the section “Perspektive Deutsches Kino” at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2015. Her final film "Luft" will be released in German cinemas in 2019. The docu-series "sooner or later", which she produced together with Marius Ehlayil received the First Steps Award 2018.
Since 2017, Isabelle and Marius have been VGF Fellows at Munich Film Center with their company wirFILM. They are currently preparing three feature films a series and finish a documentary.

Ludwig Sporrer

Niederbayer with heart and mind – an enthusiastic cultural activist, film curator, presenter, organizer and film jockey. During his studies of political science, sociology and visual anthropology he co-founded the student cinema U-Kino at the LMU, was theatre director of the Munich cinema Lupe 2 and from 2005 to 2011 responsible for the legendary TRÄUMER parties. Since the first edition he has been a supporter of the Underdox Filmfestival.
He founded the Queer Film Festival Munich (QFFM) and was its director until the end of 2016. Together with Dunja Bialas he has organized the Filmkunstwochen München since 2016. He is a founding member and board member of QueerScope - Verband der unabhängigen queeren Filmfestivals in Deutschland as well as co-initiator and speaker of "Festivalarbeit gerecht gestalten!" and the resulting AG Festivalarbeit in verdi. He has been a member of Artechock since 2016 and writes about documentary films for kinozeit.de since 2019. For DOK.fest Munich he has been a programmer with a focus on German-speaking countries since 2011 and project manager of the DOK.tour since 2014. With further projects (BILDWERFER, SONIC ICONIC, RECLAIM THE STREETS) he explores the possibilities of cinema in public space.