G-A-S Competition / BMW Grand Prix

Jury Preis 5.000 Euro

Sponsored by:
BMW Group Werk Landshut

In the category Short Film Competition the BMW Grand Prix for the best live action short film will be awarded. It is a jury award. Approved for the category are productions from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the competition for the best short fiction are 54 short films.



Alles Easy von Luisa Ricar, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Jury statement:

Luisa Ricar tells about a young woman, who is at home in the club scene in Zurich, celebrating and maintaining an open relationship ("all easy") with great orchestration. But her own urge for freedom and sexual freedom in a seemingly enlightened and emancipated environment reaches its limits in an after-hour. The me-too debate has clearly revealed that our oh so liberal society has lost something crucial. We have forgotten how to empathize with others, to respect one's own and the limits of our counterpart and have fallen for a black-and-white mind that knows no nuances. ALL EASY is an impressive plea for more empathy and deserving winner of the BMW Grand Prix.

Tobias Krone

Tobias Krone, born in 1985 in the Black Forest, works as correspondent and cultural journalist for Deutschlandradio and for Bayerischer Rundfunk in Munich. He studied society and Romance languages and literature in Hamburg, Paris and Jena and studied at the German School of Journalism in Munich.
He has been reporting on films since his review of Titanic in the school newspaper. What interests him about the film: the direct, the inconspicuous and the invisible. What fascinates him about the short film: If it then continues in the head, in full length - it was a good short film.

©Jeanne Degraa

Anna Schumacher

Anna Schumacher is a German actress with Romanian roots. Born in 1980 in Bucharest, into a family of artists, she first stood in front of the camera at the age of 3 with her father, also an actor.

She studied Drama at the Rostock University of Music and Theatre, worked at the Mecklenburg State Theatre in Schwerin, the Kammerspiele in Landshut, as well as actively engaging in cinema and television productions.

Her television breakthrough came with HACKERVILLE, a series produced by HBO Europe and TNT where she played cybercrime expert Lisa Metz. In 2019 she received the Grimme Prize for her characterisation of Lisa who traces a serious hacking attack on a German bank back to the Romanian Timișoara.

She is currently starring alongside Thomas Kretschmann, Iain Glen and Romola Garai in the 2020 British film 'The Windermere Children' by director Michael Samuels. This film drama describes the fate of Jewish children who survived the Holocaust in Poland and were taken to the village of Windermere for four months to start a new life.

Karoline Mennecken

Since 2019 Karoline Mennecken is working as a producer at H&V Entertainment - one of the leading production companies in Germany. During her studies at the University of Television and Film Munich she founded her first own company which produced several shortfilms and advertisements that were screened on filmfestivals all over the world. After graduating in 2014 she worked as an Acquisions Manager for national and international content for the distributor Prokino. With a focus on working creatively she decided to return to production by joining Mischa Hofmann as a producer for series and feature formats.