VR Award / Best VR Short Film

Jury Preis 500 Euro

Sponsored by:
Dräxlmaier Group

The VR Award will be awarded to an international virtual reality short film.


Fluchtpunkt von Béla Baptiste

Jury statement:

FLUCHTPUNKT has convinced for several reasons: On the one hand, the film has indeed enabled a 360 ° view - 360 degrees were recorded with interesting scenarios and so the technical capabilities of VR were very well exploited; On the other hand, those scenes were linked together to create an interesting story. Exactly these two intersections make up the potential of VR in the end, which is why we would like to set the winner's crown.

Catherine Morawitz

Catherine has always been an adventurer, with many wanderings between Colombian jungles and the Sahara Desert. All this meant great preparation for the twisting journey of independent filmmaking.
After studying Philosophy and Anthropology at university, it was only a matter of time until she pursued what has always been her biggest passion full-time, making movies.
Catherine founded her own Berlin-based production company, Studio Saboteur, in 2013. Her debut film, the neo-Giallo short YELLOW, screened at over 50 festivals worldwide was praised by critics and audiences alike. The film was a bonus feature on Arrow Video’s US & UK release of cult Giallo BLOOD AND BLACK LACE and had a Soundtrack out on vinyl by Death Waltz Records, quickly selling out.
Since then, she has produced Japanese Sci-Fi road movie FONOTUNE starring Guitar Wolf, Kiki Sukezane (Westworld) and Kazushi Watanabe (Visitor Q) as well as the American Comedy Drama SOFTNESS OF BODIES, which premiered at the LA Filmfest in 2018.

Alexander Krötsch

After high school he studied media and communication science in Augsburg since 2003 and worked in several film production companies in Munich. 2006 he switched to producing and media economics at the University of Television and Film Munich, where he produced a number of short movies, that run on festivals and won awards.

After his studies he produced the first feature THREE HOURS that was distributed theatrically in Germany and founded the film production company “brave new films” in 2013. With his company he realized several documentaries and a documentary series as well as the Grimme-Award nominated feature fiction movie THE PROCEDURE. His company focusses on the development of author driven arthouse, genre movies and documentaries for German and international distribution. He participated in various international co-production programs. He was nominated for his work for the Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis und the First Steps Award and his films received several awards on festivals.