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Jury Preis 1.000 Euro

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Deadline Filmmagazin

The prize for the best genre film will be awarded in the category Shock Block. It's a jury award. The Deadline_Award is announced internationally. In the competition for the best genre film are 65 short films 18 countries.



Jury statement:

Author and director Eduardo Casanova take up an event with his short film, which is still considered one of the great mysteries of the 20th century: Who is behind the assassination of former US President JFK? Even today, more than 50 years later, nearly 80% of Americans believe that Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy. Eduardo Casanova has the answer.
"Lo Siento Mi Amor" captivates with its trenchant joke and a great set design, the bizarre idea is wonderfully implemented and up to date, because at least since the election of Donald Trump as president nobody believes anymore that in politics something with right things approaching. Power, adultery, murder, extraterrestrial - Eduardo Casanova cleverly outlines these themes in just 8 minutes, along with the plastic-like aesthetics, that makes a wonderful satire on the "American Dream"!

Catherine Morawitz

Catherine has always been an adventurer, with many wanderings between Colombian jungles and the Sahara Desert. All this meant great preparation for the twisting journey of independent filmmaking.
After studying Philosophy and Anthropology at university, it was only a matter of time until she pursued what has always been her biggest passion full-time, making movies.
Catherine founded her own Berlin-based production company, Studio Saboteur, in 2013. Her debut film, the neo-Giallo short YELLOW, screened at over 50 festivals worldwide was praised by critics and audiences alike. The film was a bonus feature on Arrow Video’s US & UK release of cult Giallo BLOOD AND BLACK LACE and had a Soundtrack out on vinyl by Death Waltz Records, quickly selling out.
Since then, she has produced Japanese Sci-Fi road movie FONOTUNE starring Guitar Wolf, Kiki Sukezane (Westworld) and Kazushi Watanabe (Visitor Q) as well as the American Comedy Drama SOFTNESS OF BODIES, which premiered at the LA Filmfest in 2018.

Konstantin Hockwin

Konstantin Hockwin since 2013 member of the kommkino, Nuremberg's oldest alternative cinema. After two years he took over the management of the film archive and since 2017 also the program management. A special focus is placed on giving independent productions and short film programs a showcase. Since 2015 co-operator of the independent journalistic platform he founded the label Forgotten Film Entertainment in 2014, which specializes in high-quality home video releases of old genre films and has also been expanding its focus to distributing up-to-date independent film productions since 2018. After theatrical releases such as the dark fairy-tale HAGAZUSSA – A HEATHEN’S CURSE, the award-winning A YOUNG MAN WITH HIGH POTENTIAL is just opening.

Sabrina Reiter

Sabrina Reiter, born on August 5th 1983 in Klagenfurt, is an Austrian actress and director. She successfully started her career in 2006 by taking the leading role in the movie "Dead in 3 days" for which she was awarded with the Undine Award as best acting debutant. At the Berlinale in 2007 she was introduced as the Austrian representative of the 25 European "shooting stars". Since then she continuously thrives in movie- and TV-productions. In 2017 she gave her first debut as a director with the short film "Unsere Zeit wird kommen". In that same year she directed a music video for the Austrian band "Fox shadows" in Cuba. In March 2018 she successfully directed another music video for the American band „Foreign Air". Currently she is preparing to direct a third music video and she was elected to be part of a script lecture in Kitzbühel August 2018.